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Reasons for Front Matter

There is usually some prints on the starting pages in a book which many people wonder about. Many times most people just skip that information since they do not see any importance in reading it. This information, however, contains very important content that should be read. This information in those few first pages of a book is what is referred to as the front matter.

The initial section in a book, or the front matter, usually contains very few pages. Front matter can also be referred to in other words as preliminary matter. Some books only contain the title in the preliminary matter. We can also have the front matter composed of more information. In addition to the title of the book, the front matter may include prologue and preamble. The introduction of the book as well as the preface can be contained in the preliminary matter together with a number of title pages.

The kind of production of the book may dictate the kind of content contained in the front matter. Publishing companies usually determine the kind of preliminary matter contained in a book. We have different examples of front matter as contained in different books.

In some books there is a page that only consists of the major title contained on a single page called the half title. In the half title, the subtitle of the book and the name of the writer are usually not included. We then have the title page or pages in some books. These pages usually include the full topic, any subtitles and the name of the writer.

Depending on the type of the book, these pages may also additionally contain other information. Additional information about the production of the book may also be contained in the title pages of the book. Other information that you can find here is the copyright information and the date of publication of the book. These pages may also contain additional information depending on the publisher.

Another section of the front matter of a book is the dedication. Dedication is the part where you find the individuals addressed to by the writer of the book. Many authors usually find the need to write down a quote in the front matter. An epigraph is the echo put across by the writer in the front matter.

Similarly, a very common content of the preliminary matter is a table of contents. This is usually midway in the front matter section and it could be just plain or giving more information. Information pertaining the various sections of the books is usually found in the table of contents. There is also acknowledgements where the author lists down the people who aided him or her in the writing of the book.

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