Treatment Options for Irregular or Oversized Windows

New properties are being developed with irregular, oversized, but beautiful windows in most of the homes. These window designs are very appealing and allow considerable amounts of natural light to enter the rooms. They are dramatic at times and can be the focal point of a well-designed room, although sometimes they can create many problems for homeowners. Some have issues with lacking privacy or providing too much unnecessary direct sunlight, and many people do not have the know-how of addressing these problems so that the windows don’t look out of place or overwhelming.

Dressing these windows for proper functionality and for them to look beautiful is an easy task. With proper and careful planning, ingenuity, and creativity, one can create an excellent window that can become the highlight of the whole house. The first step for right window treatment is identifying the intended functions of the house. If direct light is the issue, knowing the available procedures for light control will help. If privacy is the problem, you will understand the types of treatment that can provide the needed privacy. Understanding the treatments that will give the best outlook of the window is also important. The various kinds of window treatments alexandria va with their functions include;

Draperies and Curtain Panels

Curtain panels and drapes are fabric made and can be designed with tab tops, pleats, rod pockets among other materials. They can be hung on curtain rods, drapery pins, traversing rods, or even medallions. They vary in style from contemporary to eclectic, modern to traditional depending on the color, style, pattern, and fabric. They can later be dressed up with swags or valances and are meant to provide transparency or privacy.


Blinds can be vertical or horizontal and can be made of several materials such as wood, metal, or even synthetic materials. They can also vary in style and color and can be embellished with decorative and colorful banding. Blinds are very versatile and come with blackout and privacy. Some methods are either bottom up or top down fitted with remote controls, especially for the windows that have reachability difficulties.


They come in wood, fabric, synthetic and natural fibers and are meant for privacy, blackout or for allowing light. They can have embellishments just like the blinds suitable for higher and larger windows.


They can be made from synthetic materials mixed with wood or even with wood only. Shutters can be applied to a large variety of designs and styles and provide privacy and light control.

After deciding on the treatment and its functions, the next step is coming up with the design and style of your windows. Look around the home and identify what your design is. Traditional people settle for swag valances and draperies while modern ones choose solar shades. Another important aspect apart from style and design is scale. Treatments should properly fit the size of the windows and also the room.

Various window designs require varying treatments, and these window treatment ideas can be obtained from the internet or professionals.