Tips to Reduce the Need for A/C Repair

When it’s hot outside, the thought of walking inside your home to a cool, comfortable environment is quickly offset if the A/C breaks down. The air conditioner goes into overdrive to cool the home when extreme weather circulates through town. It’s added operation causes more stress and wear and tear, which may ultimately lead to a system breakdown. How can you avoid expensive and costly A/C unit breakdowns? Follow the steps below to get started.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Once each year, schedule preventative maintenance with professional heating and air company to ensure that your A/C is ready to protect you from the heat when the temps rise and to prevent problems before they become a major nuisance. Preventative maintenance is less expensive than a repair and prevents many of the same mishaps that you’d otherwise experience with your air conditioning unit.

Air Vent 101

Some people close off air vents to prevent air from entering a room, such as a nursery, assuming this option works best. While it does keep air from entering the room, it is not an option that any homeowner should consider. Closing off air vents may lead to a number of performance issues that can turn into costly repairs. Keep all vents open and free of obstructions to ensure that the A/C works as it should.

A/C Check

Keep an eye on your air conditioner unit and respond to any abnormal signs that you may notice. Don’t reserve this inspection only for the inside unit. Go outside and make sure that the condenser unit is free from obstructions and damages. This simple inspection can be performed every couple of months and may save a ton of money since you are unlikely to experience any problems with the unit.

Change or Clean the Filter

Every A/C unit uses a special filter that blocks out dirt, pollen, odors, etc. and helps direct cool air into the home. Once the filter becomes dirty and clogged, it is ineffective at its job. Your A/C must work harder to continue cooling the home, which puts unnecessary strain on the unit. Prevent this mishap by cleaning or changing the filter once everyone – three months. Check the manufacturer’s owner’s manual to learn if you should clean or change the filter and the frequency of that service.

Avoid DIY Repairs

We get it. DIY repair feels good and it saves a ton of money versus costs of hiring a professional. But DIY jobs oftentimes lead to costly problems down the road, if not sooner. You can search online to hire any professional and get the assurance that your air conditioning repair apache junction az is made correctly, the first time around.

Final Word

The tips above help keep costs of A/C repairs to a minimum and minimize the need to call out a professional for service. Use this information to your advantage this summer. You’ll appreciate the extra money you have available to spend and the prolonged A/C lifetime.